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Custom and Specialty Orders

Custom ordered blades, sheaths and leather products may be ordered by contacting us and discussing your specific ideas. We are always happy to work with you and incorporate your ideas and individual needs. Our sheaths feature exotic skin inlays, antler and bone inlays, duck bands and other unusual unique items. We also specialize in "build-ins" of sharpening stones, steels, ferrocerium rods, mini survival kits, multi-tools etc.

Our blades are hand built individually to your specifications, in some cases to fit your individual hand, that is truly "hand made".

Every blade we build comes with a matching heavy leather (9 -10 ounce) hand built sheath. We begin by building your knife, exactly the way you want it, and then build your sheath and wet mold it to the very knife you ordered. We actually build the sheath around the very knife for which it's intended. Drop us a line and we will be happy to work up an estimate for your custom order.

We have some left handed sheaths in stock and any sheath you see can be created in a left hand version at no extra charge. Cross draw sheaths are also available.

A fine example of a COCAJO holster. The pistol is a 1947 Iver Johnson 22 cal. and the holster has been built based on the owner's original holster design from the 1950s.

BK-2 Sheath with faux alligator inlay...

Blackjack Halo Sheath with faux alligator inlay and decorative laced band...

This custom build is one of our restoration builds. The gentleman, who shall remain nameless, received this Buck knife as a gift and summarily broke the tip of the blade off on a Illinois whitetail deer pelvic bone. In the pics are the basic stages from beginning to finish of the restoration. A blade that was almost thrown away has a new life. This is now his go to bushcraft blade.

Don't simply "toss" that damaged knife, perhaps we can turn it around into something new.

Tom Brown Tracker "dangle style" sheath with

Lansky Pocket Medic and ferro rod.

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